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In today’s real estate world, while looking for new homes/property, people turn to the internet. With the massive shift to a mobile internet, by growing the web presence, the real estate agents have to stay in the game.

It is true to say, that in today’s time each real estate agent will have to turn the focus to the inbound marketing. You have to create an online presence with social media, content marketing as well as with your website, to attract your target market naturally to you. As it is a field that is defined by you as the agent plus the manner you conduct your business, so it is making yourself an appropriate and an important resource to the client base, to the community as a whole. To showcase your property portfolio, for attracting potential new customers, it is essential to have a feature rich and a modern website. A website helps you in impressing landlords, vendors and applicants alike and also ensure you stay in full control of your online marketing. To maximize the growth and development of your business, the best way is to have your own real estate website.

Whether your estate agency has 1 or 10 branches, you need a specialist who will work closely with you to ensure you get the most favorable website for your requirements and budget. XpertClicks is a professional real estate website provider which offers the unique custom real estate web design services for brokers, real estate agents and other real estate professionals.

Our great experience of various years has taught us that what is required by a real estate agent and broker, to close more sales and generate leads. So, the website services make available by us will help to provide you an opportunity to share your real estate expertise via information, data about your subdivisions and local community information.

The experts of XpertClicks make sure that the most relevant keywords, descriptions H1 tags and titles will be applied to every page of your website as this will further help your site to be found on search engines. With so much competition in your local real estate market, we help you to have a unique website that Google and your customers will love.

The real estate websites are made ideal for those established real estate agents that are looking to discriminate themselves from the competitors. The designers carefully craft the templates of the real estate agency website for making sure that they fit in the features of the latest design and maximize the on-site functionality at the same time, to make sure a vast user experience for your clients. As per our experience, we can say that having your own real estate website to brand yourself has numerous benefits.

  • A real estate website helps you to become a client resource. With a proper website for your real estate your clients can easily learn more about you as well as about your services. With your website of real estate you can help them by adding different tools such as home buyer tips, loan information, MLS listings, mortgage calculators, etc. which not only make your website the only place a client need, but also will enhance your website value.
  • As in real estate, personal branding is essential, To become different and popular you have to set yourself separate from the competitors. With this, your website helps you to grow your personal brand. The website helps in ensuring that the client will get the highest quality services by the professionals.
  • With your website of real estate you can easily create a reflection of your services, goals and authority directly. With your website the clients can easily trust you, as everything is clear to them with the help of a website.
  • Using the template of someone else’s never brand the company. To brand yourself, it is always superior to have your own website. When you have your own real estate website you make it clear that who are you branding. Is it you or XYZ Real Estate?. Your website is not a corporate template, it is a custom website regarding you which is designed for bringing the value to your clients. It also helps in making you look different than your competitors and stand out from the crowd and to make it clear to the clients that you are a skilled real estate agent with great experience in the local market.
  • With your website, you can become a local “Go To” Agent. You can provide a friendly MLS search to the users so they can browse at their ease. With the real estate website of your own, you can also present information on home values and new construction homes. People will believe it more if you have your unique selling system written out online, as they always believe what they can see.
  • A website, social media and blog can help you in becoming an important resource with useful and relevant information. The blogs on your website can help you to attract the audience. You can gain the trust of the clients through the blogs.

The blogs and website help in making it clear to the clients that you are active and want to connect with them, plus provide the audience a place where they can explore. You can also share information, photos/videos, along with the blog regarding what you see/l know to help the visitors with the needs of their local real estate. Moreover, as a realtor, your blog, articles will help to build trust and confidence in your abilities.

Why XpertClicks.com’s service:-

Xpert Clicks is a friendly website design agency. It is a down-to-earth agency which is specialized in both commercial and residential real estate agents websites. You can work with the expert designers of Xpert Clicks to make all the design decisions, to create the look and the content. The real estate website templates are carefully crafted by the experts of Xpert Clicks. Our main intention is to help our clients to boost their property listings as well as in turn their profits. The professional designers of Xpert Clicks invest the time and skills in the websites to make them more useful and user-friendly.

The websites of Xpert Clicks are of great value, so that you can easily concentrate on your resources on delivering the service expected by your clients and on promoting your business to them.

The websites are easy to use, so that you can make additions or changes to images, text, navigation works, etc. easily, and speedily and with this the house-hunters can easily discover the properties they are looking for plus the landlords can also see what you do.

1-year domain & hosting:- We provide 1-year domain & hosting services, in which, we make sure that we will set up the correct redirects with the intention that any changes to the formation of your site will be quickly registered with the main search engines.

Responsive web design: Here we provide the most beautiful and highly flexible websites plus make sure that the estate agency website created by us will function, looks the identical across all of the browsers as you don’t know what browser the clients are going to be using. The real estate’s websites provided by us are responsive and mobile websites as with this the website works across multiple devices. Our experts also make sure that the websites are 100% responsive mobile-friendly as a result, they adapt and deliver the complete website content to your laptop, iPad, Android tablet, iPhone, etc.

The unique professional web designs are offered by us for people looking for a shine in their career, advertise listings and to make an impact. Xpert Clicks also offer lead generation tools and software all of the website design products.

Social Media Integration:- XpertClicks.com link the website to, or embed, your account on each and every major social platforms.

Search Engine Optimization: With the use of our unique and powerful Search Engine Optimization tools, you can optimize your website with the few clicks of a button. We strive to be the finest available real estate website service provider, that provide the highest quality in client support. Along with Website Creation, Xpert Clicks also specialize in Video Marketing, lead generation and SEO.

Our experience of numerous years and high-quality services has enabled us to help our clients to get the most from their web presence and in creating a long-lasting relationship with them. We understand your need for expandable, more useable, higher quality, affordable websites, so the most excellent services are made available by us. No other company can match up to design and features options offered by us.

Google Map Integration: Google Analytics are applied by us to all our websites as this provides the clients the detailed statistics about the visitors to their websites.

The Free Email Account Set Up is provided by us to our each client. Our team will help you in the configuration and set-up of your website, mobile, including amendment of colours, logos, templates, fonts, etc. We will also help you in uploading the property details, branch contacts, business information and other important details.

User-Friendly Content Management System (CMS): Without any need for expensive updates, you can easily update your own site via Xpert Clicks Content Management System. For this, you do not need to contact us.

If you too are looking to establish a dynamic online web presence, then the XpertClicks real estate websites are a brilliant tool for you.